When rain falls God cries
Floods reiterate his afterthoughts as loud murmurs
He’s contemplating a lot
Wondering what his son died for on the cross

Nailed to wood, and bled for
He’s wondering why so many of his followers and disciples have sacrificed themselves, their children, their precious principles on the…

Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society

But pride puts the nail in the coffin

That’s all America has left

You can tell

Dying nations, dying civilizations accumulate laws like racks

To keep its citizens constricted by their pride

To prevent them from realizing who rules…

Imagine you’re implementing the popular narrative technique of ‘breaking the fourth wall’ to let the audience, your readers in on the joke.

To establish a more intimate connection with them, to allow them to fully grasp the depths of the universe you’ve been fleshing out for who knows how long.

Don’t revel in defeat; aspire for glory. You create your own reality. Order out of chaos.

Right out of the bodega

The real McDonalds of the ghetto

Buy a pack of overpriced cigarettes

Accept the fact that you’re taxed to death

Take a puff

Another one, another

Inhale, exhale


Buy at full price, return for a fraction of what you paid. If only gambling were so simple.

Before this pandemic went down, I was in college. Like a lot of broke college students, wanting extra money in their pocket for whatever reason (impress a girl, buy ___ item for fun, pay for school, etc.), I was constantly thinking of ways to earn additional income.

Since I didn’t…

Religion or spirituality aside, true enlightenment comes from enjoying simple things.

Disclaimer: I will try to remain politically neutral in my writing here. This piece isn’t about politics, or my political worldview. It’s about people, and how this pandemic has changed things forever.

It’s an understatement to say this last year has been difficult.

Transitioning into the beginning of the Fourth…

Social media is journalism; it’s one large newspaper.

In biology and sociology, evolution is a matter of fact.

To make a trio, evolution is as certain as death and taxes (but not in that order.)

“Adapt or die” ignites an instinctual flight-or-fight response to any person, institution or organization that…

Justin A.

NYC, Writer/Storyteller at Heart. Inquirer of Knowledge. I write on a variety of topics. Affiliate Link: https://gumroad.com/a/261207155

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